Treasury, Intermediation and information technology

To make easier the day-by-day and facilitates the internal controls, Deep Associados has a standard Financial ERP system to process the services or sharing the process with the clients.

Our comprehensive range of services includes, among others:

Standard Financial ERP system ready to use, clients does not need to invest in ERP generating savings;
ERP system is segmented per modules, as: billing, purchasing, treasury (AR/AP), inventory, accounting,
   fiscal books, fixed asset and payroll;
Allow us to permit the client being part of the process using the billing and treasury modules;
Develop the tailor made process according to the client needs;
Issuance financial statements and reports;
Build a specific BI (Business Intelligence) cube for internal controls of the management team;

* If specific customization is required, it will be charged separately

Intermediation is in Deep Assosiados

+55 11 3168-4865


Rua Urussuí, 238 - 2º Andar
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo – SP – Brasil
CEP 04542-051


Rua Urussuí, 238 - 2º Andar - Itaim Bibi
CEP 04542-051 - São Paulo - SP – Brasil
Tel. +55 11 3168-4865

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